We use industry experts, clever software and multiple funding networks, to help business owners and their accountants access cash for growth or expansion.

Don't understand business loan applications? At ProfitBees, we have made it easier to understand and more transparent.

What does ProfitBees mean for you?

More Powerful

Compare finance options and connect with a marketplace of lenders using only 1 application. Give your business a boost and decide which lender to work with.

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Quick Loans

Our process is designed to help your application be accepted fast, and we have designed an ecosystem that allows you and your accountant to work equally as fast.

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Hassle Free Technology

Simple & engaging software to work with accountants and lenders. Paint a picture of profitability and success, in a format lenders want & understand. Get a business loan.

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We have made it much easier than you think

We make navigating the lender landscape really simple | Multiple fuding networks | 1 simple application process

Got a small business loan question?

"No dream too big, no dreamer too small."

startup and micro business loans

Small and micro business loans

We make the business loan application process easy, find out whether you can raise growth loan financing.

SME alternative finance loans

Alternative Finance Business Loans

Leverage innovative crowdfunding and P2P lending channels for business loans, to support growth and expansion.

SME bank loans

Traditional Bank Business Loans

We have established channels into bank business loan lending channels who understand our financial output.

SME enterprise finance guarantee

Enterprise Finance Guarantee

Been refused a business loan, or lack asset security? We have solutions even when you think no options are left.

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About ProfitBees

Industry Leaders

Profitbees strive to be an industry leader by utilising the latest and most advanced web-technologies and software in designing and building software for business loan application financials and decision making.

Community Passionate

We aim to set a standard of transparency & accessibility. We build solutions for people and purpose. We practice an ethical culture of giving back to the open source community to make improved systems more widely available.

Open & Honest

We are actually solving contemporary industry problems, without being constrained by current industry benchmarks and norms. We prioritise SME experience, whilst supporting de-risked business loan lending decisions.

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